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The complete solution provider for ED-XRF, WD-XRF, Online XRF, sample preparation tools, calibration and application packages. We offer a dedicated UK based customer support, both for service and application support. Our accumulated experience of XRF exceeds 80 years. Please call us now and we will connect you with a product specialist to discuss the most cost effective solution to meet your requirements. Call us on 0161 442 9963. We guarantee to out perform any hand held XRF using our benchtop solutions! Scimed also offers TXRF ( total reflection XRF) and XRM (X-ray Microscopy/ Tomography/ CT Scan) solutions


The Largest Range of XRF Spectrometers in the UK.

Welcome to SciMed XRF, the only UK company with the ability to offer a single stop solution in the supply of XRF spectrometers, XRF sample preparations tools, and calibration packages. With a dedicated team of sales, application and service support experts based in the UK, SciMed XRF will offer what most people look for: a solution that best suits their needs as well as pro active customer support service, all locally based in the UK.

Scientific and Medical has been involved in the field of XRF for over 20 years and has multiple installations spanning from Cornwall to Aberdeen. The extensive experience in application support and method development within the company are the safest guarantee of reliable and dependable support.

Contact us directly to discuss your requirements and find the best match in our extensive range of XRF Spectrometers. Speak to a Product Specialist on 0161 4429963

  • Full elemental analysis from ppb to % levels
  • Elemental Mapping of samples and objects of most sizes and shapes
  • Coating Thickness Analysis
  • Online analysis of materials in situ
  • Online Sulphur (Sulfur) analysis in oil

X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy can be used in many applications.

  • Minerals and Mining
  • Cement and CEM Fuels
  • Oil: crude, lubricant, fuel, diesel and waste recycled oil
  • Pharmaceutical: excipients, catalysis contamination and particulate impurities
  • Academic research
  • RoHS and RoHs II compliance testing
  • Coating applications: Si on paper, Metal coatings, Electronic components, Automotive

Unsure of which XRF spectrometer in our range will be the right solution for your requirements? Get in touch and speak with a an XRF Technical Product Specialist by either calling us on 0161 442 9963 or fill our enquiry form and someone will be in touch immediately



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SciMed XRF appointed UK and Ireland Distributor for Bowman XRF

SciMed XRF is proud to announce its appointment as exclusive UK and Ireland distributor for Bowman XRF products. Bowman XRF specialises in XRF coating Gauges suitable for all coating applications. The Bowman range will be particularly suited the the following coating applications: Printed Circuit Boards for ENIG and ENEPIG compliance Semiconductors and lead frames General Metal […]

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New PRIMUS IV 4kw WD-XRF with optics above

RIGAKU have recently launched their latest high powered WD-XRF, the PRIMUS IV. This unique spectrometer boasts the following feathures: Analyse elements from Be to U New  expert guidance system software Digital multi-channel analyzer (D-MCA) EZ Analysis user interface for open access routine measurements Tube above optics: no more contamination of the x-ray optics. Small footprint: […]

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The 2017 XRF courses were a success…once again!

Once again our series of XRF courses has been a genuine success. The week long, modular course included ED-XRF Theory, WD-XRF Theory and XRF sample preparation techniques. Attracting users from our own customer base and users of other makes of XRF, the course have met their objectives. Our dedicated team of application specialists and product […]

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