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The complete solution provider for ED-XRF, WD-XRF, Online XRF, sample preparation tools, calibration and application packages. We offer a dedicated UK based customer support, both for service and application support. Our accumulated experience of XRF exceeds 80 years. Please all us now and we will connect you with a product specialist to discuss the most cost effective solution to meet your requirements. Call us on 0161 442 9963.

The Largest Range of XRF Spectrometers in the UK.

Welcome to SciMed XRF, the company with a vision to offer a single stop solution in the supply of XRF spectrometers, XRF sample preparations tools, and calibration packages. With a dedicated team of sales, application and service support experts, SciMed XRF will offer what most people look for: a solution that best suits their needs as well as pro active customer support service, all locally based in the UK.

Scientific and Medical has been involved in the field of XRF for over 20 years and has multiple installations spanning from Cornwall to Aberdeen. The extensive experience in application support and method development within the company are the safest guarantee of reliable and dependable support.

  • Full elemental analysis from ppb to % levels
  • Elemental Mapping of samples and objects of most sizes and shapes
  • Coating Thickness Analysis
  • Online analysis of materials in situ
  • Online Sulphur (Sulfur) analysis in oil

X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy can be used in many applications.

  • Minerals and Mining
  • Cement and CEM Fuels
  • Oil: crude, lubricant, fuel, diesel and waste recycled oil
  • Pharmaceutical: excipients, catalysis contamination and particulate impurities
  • Academic research
  • RoHS and RoHs II compliance testing
  • Coating applications: Si on paper, Metal coatings, Electronic components, Automotive

Latest News

New Quartz Crucible for XRF fusions with the Vitriox Electric

FluXana has released a new Quartz Crucible to safely fuse difficult samples. Traditionally , platinum crucibles have been exposed to damage from contact with metallic, non oxidised particles. The use of Quartz crucibles eliminates this risks and allows users to run a wider range of materials. While oxidation of all material is still required for […]

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Analysco has merged with SciMed XRF

As of September 1st 2015, Analysco has merged its business with SciMed.  Bringing SciMed and Analysco together creates a strong and unique supplier for the XRF marketplace.  Analysco were a leading XRF consumables supplier up to this point. SciMed have been a supplier of XRF spectrometers since the early 1990s.  Chris Jackson and Malcolm Haigh […]

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SciMed open days 2015: 6-7 October

SciMed Open Days 2015 SciMed are pleased to announce their fourth annual open days.  This event is designed to give customers a better understanding of the full suite of laboratory equipment that SciMed have to offer.  In the last year we have seen our Analytik Jena product line become an integral part of our business […]

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