New High Performance ED-XRF with 60KV tube and Super Fast Detector. Outstanding speed of analysis and lwest detection limits for heaving elements such as Cadmium. Optional small or variable spot analysis with the DS



Rigaku NEX -DE








The NEX-DE is a ground breaking high performance benchtop ED-XRF. The the most rapid analysis times and unrivalled counting statistics. Add the 60KV tube for unrivalled excitation of toxic metals such as Cadmium, the NEX-DE is creating new oportunities for the use of XRF spectroscopy.

XRF with 60kV X-ray tube and SDD detector

The 60kV X-ray tube and Peltier cooled FAST SDD® Silicon Drift Detector deliver exceptional short-term repeatability and long-term reproducibility with excellent element peak resolution. This high voltage capability (60 kV), along with high emission current and multiple automated X-ray tube filters, provides a wide range of XRF applications versatility and low limits-of-detection (LOD).

Summary of Specification

  • Analyze ₁₁Na to ₉₂U non-destructively
  • Powerful QuantEZ Windows®-based software
  • Solids, liquids, alloys, powders and thin films
  • 60kV X-ray tube for wide elemental coverage
  • FAST SDD® detector for superior counting statistics
  • Multiple automated tube filters for enhanced sensitivity
  • Unmatched performance-to-price ratio
  • Optional RPF-SQX fundamental parameters software
  • Optional standardless fundamental parameters software


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