Analysco has merged with SciMed XRF

As of September 1st 2015, Analysco has merged its business with SciMed.

 Bringing SciMed and Analysco together creates a strong and unique supplier for the XRF marketplace.  Analysco were a leading XRF consumables supplier up to this point. SciMed have been a supplier of XRF spectrometers since the early 1990s. 

Chris Jackson and Malcolm Haigh will join SciMed, together with whom we will have a combined experience of over 150 years in XRF analysis and instrumentation.

This merger will also incorporate the Spectro Scientific range of Oil Condition Monitoring solutions, which will be a great addition to the SciMed product range. This will complement our existing range of AA, ICP and, TOC analysers, oxygen bomb calorimeters and NIR spectrometers, which are already used in oil condition monitoring laboratories.

With the other products that Analysco currently represent, SciMed will be taking over the UK and Ireland responsibility for New ERA NMR tubes and consumables.

Malcolm Haigh ( and Chris Jackson ( will remain as the product specialists for all of the products formally managed by Analysco and some of the SciMed staff will also contribute to the product support.  Paul Vanden Branden ( XRF Product Manager at SciMed) will lead this group overall.

To learn more about SciMed, in October we are holding our annual Open Days where we present technical presentations on a wide variety of our techniques.  This allows our customers to get a better understanding of all of the techniques and processes that we are involved in.  This year we are having a third day where we are focusing on the new PlasmaQuant MS ICP from Analytik Jena.  More details can be found in the attached information sheet.

We hope that all of Analyso’s customers see this as a positive move and we at SciMed look forward to welcoming Chris and Malcolm as colleagues in September and look forward to working with their customers in the coming months and years.