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Hand Held XRF available at SciMed

SciMed is please to announce a new addition to its wide range of XRF’s with the xSORT Hand Held XRF from Ametek. This latest additions allows SciMEd ot proudly boast the wides range of XRF solutions in the UK, from this attractive, field deployable Hand Held solution all the way to the most sophisticated, high […]

Bowman Introduces a new high performance poly capillary coating thickness XRF

SciMed XRF is pleased to announce the launch of a new XRF from Bowman: the W SERIES MICRO XRF. The W Series Micro XRF uses poly-capillary optics which provides the smllest testing point down to 7.5 µm FWHM. This boasts to be the world’s smallest beam size for coating thickness analysis using XRF technology.   Additionally, […]

SciMed XRF is recruiting!

Field Service Support Engineer for Laboratory Equipment SciMed is a highly regarded and long-established distributor of laboratory equipment throughout the UK and Ireland. Founded in 1979, SciMed has grown to a staff of 21 people, an annual turnover of nearly £7M and a product line that is supplied by 23 highly respected instrument manufacturers from […]

Announcement: XRF masterclass course dates are out!

By popular demand, we have pleasure in announcing our 2018 XRF series of courses also including XRF sample preparation. This course has been adapted to accommodate users of any kind of XRF Spectrometer. This course will be delivered by a team of XRF specialists, whom between themselves have over 50 years’ experience. The program is […]

SciMed XRF appointed UK and Ireland Distributor for Bowman XRF

SciMed XRF is proud to announce its appointment as exclusive UK and Ireland distributor for Bowman XRF products. Bowman XRF specialises in XRF coating Gauges suitable for all coating applications. The Bowman range will be particularly suited the the following coating applications: Printed Circuit Boards for ENIG and ENEPIG compliance Semiconductors and lead frames General Metal […]

New PRIMUS IV 4kw WD-XRF with optics above

RIGAKU have recently launched their latest high powered WD-XRF, the PRIMUS IV. This unique spectrometer boasts the following feathures: Analyse elements from Be to U New  expert guidance system software Digital multi-channel analyzer (D-MCA) EZ Analysis user interface for open access routine measurements Tube above optics: no more contamination of the x-ray optics. Small footprint: […]

The 2017 XRF courses were a success…once again!

Once again our series of XRF courses has been a genuine success. The week long, modular course included ED-XRF Theory, WD-XRF Theory and XRF sample preparation techniques. Attracting users from our own customer base and users of other makes of XRF, the course have met their objectives. Our dedicated team of application specialists and product […]

New Quartz Crucible for XRF fusions with the Vitriox Electric

FluXana has released a new Quartz Crucible to safely fuse difficult samples. Traditionally , platinum crucibles have been exposed to damage from contact with metallic, non oxidised particles. The use of Quartz crucibles eliminates this risks and allows users to run a wider range of materials. While oxidation of all material is still required for […]

Analysco has merged with SciMed XRF

As of September 1st 2015, Analysco has merged its business with SciMed.  Bringing SciMed and Analysco together creates a strong and unique supplier for the XRF marketplace.  Analysco were a leading XRF consumables supplier up to this point. SciMed have been a supplier of XRF spectrometers since the early 1990s.  Chris Jackson and Malcolm Haigh […]

SciMed open days 2015: 6-7 October

SciMed Open Days 2015 SciMed are pleased to announce their fourth annual open days.  This event is designed to give customers a better understanding of the full suite of laboratory equipment that SciMed have to offer.  In the last year we have seen our Analytik Jena product line become an integral part of our business […]