New PRIMUS IV 4kw WD-XRF with optics above

RIGAKU have recently launched their latest high powered WD-XRF, the PRIMUS IV.

This unique spectrometer boasts the following feathures:

  • Analyse elements from Be to U
  • New  expert guidance system software
  • Digital multi-channel analyzer (D-MCA)
  • EZ Analysis user interface for open access routine measurements
  • Tube above optics: no more contamination of the x-ray optics.
  • Small footprint: uses less valuable lab space
  • Small spot analysis to look at samples as small as 500 µm
  • 30μ tube window for superior light element performance
  • Mapping feature for elemental topography/distribution
  • Helium seal means the optics are always under vacuum and great saving on helium consumption




Need more information:

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Further information in the RIGAKU website can be found here (click on logo).