RIGAKU CT LAB, High Speed X-ray CT Scanner

» RIGAKU CT LAB, High Speed X-ray CT Scanner

The CT Lab GX series of CT scanners, is disigned to carry out ultra-high-speed, high-resolution 3D X-ray micro CT.

The CT LAB can perform CT scans in 8 seconds at top speed, with a minimum resolution of 4.5 μm, by using the Sample-Stationary Method,


High resolution 3D CT

The CT Lab pursues high-speed, high-resolution, and quick sample-mounting in order to be used for R&D purposes as well as at production sites. The field-of-view and resolution can be selected at will to observe even fine structures. The maximum number of pixels is 8000×8000. High-definition 3D observation is possible at the highest level compared with other products in the same class. The maximum diameter of a measurement subject is 72 mm×36 mm. After the wide field-of-view imaging, the image of fine structure can be reconstructed in details by specifying the ROI area in the newly incorporated “wide view imaging function”.

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