NEX-XT Online Sulphur Analysis

Online Sulfur analysis by transmission XRF for pipelines, refineries, bunker barges.

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RIGAKU Online Sulfur Analysis:

Advanced X-ray Transmission (XRT) Sulfur Gauge—for Crude Oil, Marine Bunker Fuel and Blending Operations
Rigaku’s NEX XT is the next generation process gauge for high-level sulfur measurement (0.02% to 6% S) of crude, bunker fuel, fuel oils, and other highly viscous hydrocarbons.


On-Line Sulfur Gauge

This versatile, compact and robust X-ray Transmission (XRT) process gauge is specifically optimized for the sulfur analysis needs of refineries, pipelines, blending operations, bunkering terminals and other storage facilities. Applications for the NEX XT include bunker fuel blending to meet MARPOL Annex VI sulfur restrictions, interface detection of different grade fuels delivered via pipelines, refinery feedstock blending and monitoring, and the quality monitoring of crude at remote collection and storage facilities.

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Specifications for NEX-XT

Compact design with no routine maintenance

  • Measure sulfur (S) from 200 ppm to 6 wt%
  • Up to 1480 psig and 200°C
  • User adjustable data update frequency
  • Reduced standards requirements
  • No sample condition or recovery system
  • No radioisotopes
  • X-ray transmission method

In the Rigaku NEX XT X-ray Transmission (XRT) on-line analyzer, a process stream passes through a flowcell where sulfur (S), in the hydrocarbon matrix, absorbs X-rays transmitted between an X-ray source and detector (see schematic at left). The recorded X-ray intensity is inversely proportional to the sulfur concentration.

Rigaku’s NEX XT is engineered to be fully compatible with the high pressures and extreme temperatures employed in transmission pipelines and blending operations. Among its other key features are a simplified user interface, automatic density compensation, automatic water compensation, password protection, and standard platform for communicating sulfur, density, and water content to a plant-wide DCS.


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For further information,prices or if you want to talk to someone at SciMed about this product please click here.

Further information in the RIGAKU website can be found here (click on logo).