New Quartz Crucible for XRF fusions with the Vitriox Electric

FluXana has released a new Quartz Crucible to safely fuse difficult samples.

Traditionally , platinum crucibles have been exposed to damage from contact with metallic, non oxidised particles.

The use of Quartz crucibles eliminates this risks and allows users to run a wider range of materials.

While oxidation of all material is still required for the successful generation of beads, the oxidation stage can now be safely carried out with the quartz crucible. this crucible is compaitble with the Vitriox Electrix fusion system from FluXana.


quartz crucible








Download the WHITE PAPER by cliking HERE:.10_FXBA_1016_01_White_paper_The_Use_of_Quartz_Crucibles_in_Place_of_Plat…